Subjects: Civics, Biology, Music

B.S. Experiential Education/Women’s Studies from Miami University

2 certificates in permaculture, 1 in biodynamics

Ms. Teagan’s Civics classes cover the historical roots of human civilization and government, a review of modern social and political organization, and a call to personal, local civic engagement. She brings to the table her unique experience over the past 20 years with movements for the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants, labor/sweatshop workers, engaging in civil disobedience, and organizing against the negative effects of free trade agreements.

Her teaching specialty has been in environmental education and sustainable agriculture since 2000. Her classes are experiential and participatory and she is encouraging and patient. Since 2016, Ms. Teagan has been assistant teaching for the middle school at Green Meadow Waldorf School. She most recently taught Civics and Biology last year for the Mindful Cafe homeschool group ages 7-11th grade.

Miss Teagan also loves to teach music. This past year she taught Clarinet online. She spent 7 years in high school and college level marching and jazz bands with her Alto Saxophone which is her favorite woodwind instrument. She also offers basic voice lessons, along with piano for vocal practice. She can teach basic guitar chord and tablature reading, along with strumming or finger picking technique.