Office Rentals

Need a larger room for a group meeting, presentation or workshop?

Due to Covid-19 the large room is only available evenings @ $75/hr.

Do you work from home, but occasionally need to meet clients? Do you travel a lot for business, but don’t have a traditional office? Are you just looking for someplace removed from the distractions of daily life so you can get your work done?

Why pay for an office you only need occasionally when you can rent one instead? Our private hourly office rentals are just the solution, and are conveniently located in downtown Ramsey.

You can rent one of our four private offices for just $15/hr and have access to our organic food and drink options in a quiet, professional workspace that still has a relaxed coffee-shop ambiance. Meet your clients, treat them to a delicious snack or drink, and don’t get sidetracked by distractions anymore. Our single room office rentals are the perfect affordable solution for entrepreneurs, road warriors, or work-from-home professionals who need a quiet meeting and work space.

Need more than just a few hours here and there? Our $99 monthly membership program gives you 10 hours of office time per month to use at your discretion. Members can even purchase more rental hours at the discounted rate of $9.99 an hour.

Standard Pricing

Office rentals available for $15/hr

Due to Covid-19 the large room is only available evenings @ $75/hr.

Member Pricing

$99/mo for 10 hours of office rentals per month, then $9.99/hr after initial 10 hours.

Online scheduling available for members only.

*All rentals include discounted prices on Cafe food.

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